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Noah’s Ark, Evolution, & Scientific Facts in the Bible

What’s in the eBook?

bullet-arrowAn in depth look at Bible prophecy

bullet-arrowThe real scientific facts in the Bible

bullet-arrowAnswers the question, “What about evolution?”

bullet-arrowAnswers to, “What about mistakes in the Bible?”

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Ray-80px-boarder“The Bible contains amazing scientific facts that were written thousands of years before science discovered them, proving that without a doubt the Scriptures have the fingerprint of God all over them.”

—Ray Comfort

A note from Ray Comfort

I hope you enjoyed “Noah—And the Last Days,” and that you appreciate what an online video of this sort can do.

Many years ago, if we wanted to send a missionary overseas, the only option available was to put him and his family aboard a ship, and it would take weeks for them to arrive at their destination. It wasn’t uncommon for family members to die of malaria or other tropical diseases. Taking the gospel to the world came with great hardship and much sacrifice. While hardship and sacrifice are still necessary for the sake of the gospel, nowadays we can also click the “send” button to reach people all around the world. Our “180” movie received over 4.3 million views because people like you passed it on to others. We hope you will do that with “Noah—And the Last Days.”

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What People Are Saying About the Movie

endorsement_kenham“A powerful evangelistic tool.”

—Ken Ham, President, Answers in Genesis and the Ark Encounter

endorsement_paulwasher“Timely and effective…I heartily recommend this film.”

—Paul Washer, President, HeartCry Missionary Society

endorsement_erichovind“Inspiring and convicting!”

—Eric Hovind, President, Creation Today

endorsement_kirkcameron“With classic Comfort and warm confrontation, my friend Ray gets to the heart of this generation’s greatest need. Hollywood may have a Crowe, but the gospel has a Kiwi. As far as whose star will win more awards in Heaven and have their name immortalized on streets of gold, my bets on the ‘preacher of righteousness’ from down under! Special kudos to the graphics designer of ‘Noah—And the Last Days.’ Well done!”

—Kirk Cameron, Actor, Growing Pains and Fireproof

endorsement_josephfarah“If you are fascinated by Bible prophecy—particularly last day events, you are going to love this eye-opening and convicting movie.”

—Joseph Farah, President, WorldNetDaily

endorsement_janetparshall“I could not take my eyes away from the screen, and when it was over, I cried…”

—Janet Parshall, “In the Marketplace” Moody Radio

endorsement_alexkendrick“This is a thought provoking and eye opening film. You’ve got to see it!”

—Alex Kendrick, Writer, Producer, and Director, Fireproof and Courageous

endorsement_kp“‘Noah’ challenges believers, convicts unbelievers and leaves us all overwhelmed by the perfect love that covers over a multitude of sins. This is the Noah we need to be watching.”

—K.P. Yohannon, President, Gospel for Asia